• About Me

    Hi, I'm Roberto, I currently work as a Software Engineer at Capital One. I'm fluent in several backend / frontend frameworks, and have deep experience with AWS from a DevOps and Network Automation perspective. I have also worked on several side projects in the Web3 space, having launched NFTs on the Ethereum and Solidity blockchains.

  • Software Engineer @ Capital One
    Aug 2, 2020 — Now

    Full time code monkey

  • Lead Engineer @ Usic
    Feb 1, 2021

    Part time code monkey

  • Graduated from NYU Shanghai
    Dec 1, 2019

    Graduated with majors in Computer Science and Finance

    Visit shanghai.nyu.edu
  • Research Analyst @ Red Pulse
    Sep 1, 2019

    Covered private equity deals in Asia

    Visit redpulse.com
  • Business Intelligence @ Arcor
    Feb 1, 2019

    Used data to sell Argentine candy in China

    Visit arcor.com
  • Summer Analyst @ Merrill Lynch
    Jun 1, 2018

    Spreadsheet monkey

    Visit ml.com
  • Interned @ Arch Global Advisors
    Sep 1, 2017

    Fell in love with code

  • Interned @ Banco de Crédito del Peru
    Jul 1, 2017

    Re-learned accounting in Spanish

    Visit viabcp.com/
  • Started university
    Aug 1, 2015

    Began studying at New York University Shanghai

  • Moved around... a lot
    Oct 11, 1996

    I've lived in seven countries, and speak three languages

  • Birthday!
    Oct 10, 1996

    I was born the 10th of October 1996